The Most Comfortable Seats.....Naturally

Each of our handmade seats contain a deep thick layer of 100% natural Latex.

Most commonly associated with luxury mattresses and toppers, we are proud to be one of the first British Chairmakers to use it in all our naturally soft seats.

Unlike many furniture manufacturers, we never use cheap polyurethane foam fillings to make our soft
seats.  Polyurethane foam fillings may contain toxic chemicals, and are also non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle, so when they are sent to landfill, they will stay there for years releasing harmful chemicals back into the environment.

Pure latex has many beneficial qualities that make it ideal for our natural seats. It is breathable and hypo-allergenic, mould, mildew and dust-mite resistant, as well as antibacterial. 

It is also naturally resilient and durable, so it always returns to its original shape after compression, and will not dip nor soften over time.

Best of all, it is wonderfully comfortable to sit on.