What Are the Most Comfortable Bar Stools?

We carefully choose our home furnishings based on a range of personal criteria. Yet, however different our styles and tastes may be, what most of us can agree on is that comfort is essential. Sofas should allow for relaxation at the end of a long day, armchairs should be cosy and supportive and dining chairs should be firm but soft and aid good posture. However, many of us don’t realise we can expect the same level comfort from our bar stools.

Comfortable bar stools are important because, no matter how stylish your stools might be, their main function is to provide comfort whilst you sit and talk, eat, drink or work. Several aspects make a bar stool either a pleasure or a pain to sit on. This can include bar stool height, whether the bar stool has a back or not and, most importantly, what materials are used to upholster the stool and having it upholstered in the first place.

Of course, the right bar stools for your home depends on your other decor and what would best complement the space and our made to order bar stools certainly mean you can express yourself. However, there are a few design features that make some bar stools more comfortable than others.

Ideal Bar Stool Height

The best height for a bar stool will depend on how high your kitchen island or breakfast bar is. However, what we can be more precise about is the sitting space. For most people, of average height, the ideal space between the cushion of the stool and the countertop is between 15 and 20cms. This should discourage slouching, which can cause back strain, and should be a comfortable height to rest your arms upon the counter surface and keep your coffee or glass of wine within easy reach.

Stool Backs

Counter stools, those without backs, can often be more easily tucked under the counter lip. They generally take up less room and are more minimalistic, with cleaner lines. However, many options out there are not as suited to being sat on for long periods.

A lack of back support can make some bar stools less comfortable. Bar stools with a firm back are more comfortable for longer periods of sitting, such as for work, for dinner or for evenings spent socialising.

Our divine Turner stool somewhat bucks this trend. It may not have a back, but this popular counter stool is upholstered in such a way it makes for a very comfortable place to spend time chatting, eating and so much more.

Which Bar Stool Seats Are Most Comfortable?

The Quality of a bar stool can most often be measured by the fabrics and materials used to form the stool’s cushion. This is the area of the seat that should provide the most comfort and to do so it must be soft to the touch and reasonably firm with a little springiness.

Natural materials provide the highest comfort and durability and the stuffing should be layered so that the base of the stool seat cannot be felt through the cushion.

  • Using a triple layer method we begin with coir, a fibre made from the outer husk of coconuts, compressed within recycled rolled paper to give the cushion a firm rounded edge.

  • Next, we add a layer of natural latex, as commonly used in quality mattresses and mattress toppers. Latex is especially favourable because it is naturally resilient, meaning it maintains its shape despite regular usage. Our latex layer keeps our bar stools looking perfectly domed and firm year after year

  • The third stage is to wrap the cushion in a layer of the softest Merino wool, a naturally water-resistant and fleecy material. Lastly, the seat is wrapped in calico and a soft felt prior to being upholstered in one of our stylish, timeless fabrics.

In truth, there is no one ideal material that makes a bar stool comfortable. It is a combination of fibre and fabrics that bring their own different qualities to form the ideal seat for a bar stool as well as expert people creating them. After many years of research, design and craftsmanship, at Gabriella James, we pride ourselves on having found the perfect formula for seated comfort.

Need Help?

If you would like to discuss your kitchen or bar area then please get in touch. We love helping customers work through the different material and colour options as well as looking at size, positioning and more. We can even colour match any commercial paints you are planning to use as well as fabric colours to create the perfect seating solution for your kitchen or bar. 

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