Top Interior Design Blogs - 2019

Top Interior Design Blogs - 2019

Whether you are planning a total renovation of your home, you have just bought a project house or you are just looking for some inspiration for a new interior look you will undoubtedly be turning to the internet to get what you need. However, as much as we all love and rely on the wonderful world wide web it is now so utterly bursting with information it is hard to sift out the information we want or need. This issue is the same whether you are looking for vegan brownie recipes as it is if you are looking for the latest colour trends for walls or a new car so where do you start? Well, we thought it might be nice, and rather good fun, to sift through the world of interior design websites and blogs and compile a rather handy list of the very best interior design blogs in 2019. Some of these are big well-known magazine sites, others are social media influencers and there are a few small but very exciting additions too. One of the big stipulations for being on the list is up to date content! There is no point in choosing a colour way for your dining room only to find the trend mentioned is 8 years old! The aim here is to save you the effort of digging around and give you a stunning list of the very best interior design content the UK has to offer.

By way of a disclaimer this list is choc full of websites and people whom we think are doing something good. This is not an awards list nor is it something based on a tick list, it is about a passion and flare for interior design as well as the ability to bring creativity and to communicate well. It’s a list of our favourites and we hope you like them too!

This list is in alphabetical order rather than any kind of ranking system.

Apartment Apothecary

Apartment Apothecary web page


A self-confessed DIY blogger Katy Orme offers a wonderful space for inspiration. The site focuses on helping you make your home not only look better but to feel better too. Katy shares many of her own projects as well as looking at decoration tips, craft and more.

Cate St Hill

Cate St Hill Web Page


Whilst we love bold colours, vintage vibes and so much more we also love a bit of scandi minimalism and Cate has got it covered. The blog really avoids trends as such and looks at how to keep things timeless and stripped back. Life is about contrasts after all so this blog makes a great addition to anyone bookmark list. She also has over 50k followers on Insta so we are in good company.

Dear Designer

Dear Designer's Web Page


Run by Carole King, Dear Designer is a mix of the things she loves, her work projects as a designer and anything else interiors focused! Carole is a fan of “down to earth staples” but also what she calls “high drama details” which we rather enjoy! Carole loves interiors with a passion and that makes her blog well worth reading.

Green and Mustard

Green and Mustard Blog Page


This website has a lot to offer. Run by a mother-in-law and daughter team it not only has a really useful and interesting blog section with all sorts of articles, but it also has a colour-based section where you can choose a colour and get inspiration. There are even sections based on the things they love like Crockery showing all articles on that subject. This is a real treasure trove of interior inspiration.

House Beautiful

The House Beautiful Web Page

What started as a magazine in the US came to the UK in the 50s and has been quite a staple ever since. While it may not always be cutting edge cool it is still chock full of great tips and inspo’ for anyone interested in interior design.

Ideal Home

Ideal Home Web Page


Another big one! The Ideal Home magazine has been around since the 20s. There is nothing wrong with tried and tested and as a publication this one has certainly seen it all before! The aim of Ideal Home is not to judge but to guide and showcase what’s hot and what’s not and to this end it is a great resource whatever the level of project.

Interior Design Hunter

Interior Style Hunter Web Page


One of the few interior design blogs run by a man so it is well worth including. Grant Pierrus trained at Saint Martins as an interior designer and believes everyone should have access to good design and it on a mission to make it happen. This blog is certainly more academically focused looking at the design industry, but it is well worth a look if you want a slice of high-end style.

Kit Kemp

Kit Kemp Design Thread Web Page


Kit Kemp is the director of Firmdale Hotels so knows a thing or two about serious interior design. This blog is her personal creative space where she shows off projects within the hotels as well as lots of other stunning interiors. There are videos, blog posts and more here and while many of the examples are from substantial properties the style ideas can be used in any setting.

Lisa Dawson

Lisa Dawson Web Page


The wonderful Lisa Dawson is a “must follow” person when it comes to UK interior stylists. She blogs, she runs an amazing social media channel, she also writes for Real Homes magazine and runs the rather brilliant Revamp, Restyle, Reveal social media challenge. Lisa offers loads of inspo’, style tips and great all-round interior content.

Lobster and Swan

Lobster and Swan Web Page


Jeska Hearne is a photographer and lifestyle shop owner. While this site isn’t as specific as others in terms of advice the images are amazing, and it is a wonderful place to begin your inspiration journey without being directed too much. Scroll, browse and enjoy!

Love Chic Living

Love Chic Living Web Page


Achievable is a big word on this site, it is all about interior design trends, ideas and inspiration that can be achieved at home. Jen Stanbrook turned her own design efforts into a blog that others can share and gain from. Great for first timers as well as the more seasoned interior pros!

Mad About the House

Mad About The House Web Page


Written by journalist Kate Watson-Smyth this “no fuss” blog is brimming with advice and inspiration covering anything from simple tips on saving space and money to house hunting and renovating huge listed houses. She has written for many high-profile newspapers and this blog has won numerous awards; and for good reason.

Melanie Lissack Interiors

Melanie Lissack Web Page


This blog has a strong DIY ethic which we love but Melanie also isn’t afraid of high-end interior touches either. This London mum has a great passion or colour, for giving things a try and for everything to do with interiors.

My Gay Best Friend

My Gay Best Friend Web Page


Jon Paul Clark is a hairdresser with a passion for interiors and a lot of other wonderful things. After his clients started saying they love coming to him for a haircut but also his interior design tips, advice about men and so much more he decided to start a blog and become everyone’s gay best friend…because after all; we all need one! This blog is full of great interior tips, as well as lots of lovely pics, travel and lifestyle content.

Pippa Jameson Interiors

Pippa Jameson Web Page


This wonderful looking blog is run by Pippa Jameson who has been working in the industry for the last 10 years. This is a great place to find out about new trends, look at specific interior design projects as well as find out more about the life of a stylist. It even has some rather brilliant mini moodboards too!

The Indigo House

The Indigo House Web Page


With nearly 95,000 followers on Instagram Laura Higham is certainly an influencer worth being influenced by! Based in East Sussex Laura explores and shares her journey from a magnolia 4 bed house to something her and her family can love. She is big on small budget things and super keen on making a house a home as well as something that looks good.

Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson Web Page


Colour, colour and more colour! Sophie is the queen of colour and has over 20 years’ experience in interiors from design to journalism and more. She is a big name on Instagram and even runs online courses and workshops to help those wishing to get some more formal inspiration. We love Sophie and we think you should too!


Swoonworthy Web Page


Created in 2010 by Kimberly Duran this site is perfect for people who love bright colours and bold interior design trends like animals prints (like us!). It is also a great place for cost-saving tips, vintage style and so much more.

The Design Sheppard

The Design Sheppard Web Page


Stacey Sheppard has created this well-presented blog that looks at a wide range of interior aspects from appliances to colour and heating to windows. There is a lot of info on this site and it’s laid out so well, it is super easy to navigate and get inspired!

We Love Home

We Love Home Web Page


This is a fun and super cool blog created by Maxine Brady. It is no surprise Maxine lives and works as an interior stylist in Brighton because this blog is full of all the things we love about that part of the world. Top tips on colour and styling as well as great ideas for things like Outdoor Bar Carts! With 18.6k followers on Instagram we are not alone in loving what Maxine is doing.


Of course, there is a lot more going on in the world of interiors than blogs and Instagram is obviously a very important part of the industry. While we are not going to go into the list of instagramers here there is a rather fabulous book that does the job for us Written but the lovely ladies at “ Rebel Bellas this is a great who’s who of the Instagram interiors world.

Of course, there are many more blogs than we have covered here but the above list should give anyone looking to improve their home enough insight and inspiration to make it magnificent. Don’t let this list be the end of your search though, keep an eye out for exciting new influencers and do feel free to tell us about them, we do love a new blog to read!