There’s no place like home


The phrase has always been true, but since Covid-19 it has taken on new meaning. What used to be a place to return to after a long day now serves multiple purposes to people all day, every day. Our homes are now working harder than ever and have become an office, school, restaurant, gym, playroom and more. 


As we spend significantly more time in our homes, our priorities are changing as we place more importance on our living space. People are taking a closer look at their homes and how they function. It’s not just the need for ‘more space’ but the need for the ‘right space’.


So what are the key home trends to emerge since Lockdown?


The Home Office


As working from home becomes the new norm, creating a dedicated space to work has taken on new importance. Home offices need to be a practical space with good storage and room to get your head down and crack on.


However, practical doesn’t have to be mean boring!

Add a touch of style


What better way to add a touch of style to your workspace than with a beautifully crafted chair in a luxury designer fabric! All our chairs are not only handcrafted but have naturally soft seats upholstered in stunning fabric to ensure you are sitting comfortably!


Redoing The Kitchen

The kitchen as the heart of the home has never been truer since Lockdown. Today’s kitchen needs to be multifunctional and accommodate more people doing a variety of at-home activities from social dining to home office, or to an activity play area for the kids.


The Perfect Kitchen Ingredient


As we spend more time in the kitchen, the right seating is crucial. Our Luxury James Bar Stool has all the styling of a modern classic and is the perfect ingredient for any kitchen. With elegant clean lines, the naturally soft upholstered seat with a curved back rest is uncompromising comfortable. Better still, the solid beech frame can be colour matched to suit any style of interior.


Multi-use Spaces


The trend for communal open living spaces, which started in the 70s, is starting to reverse. There is now a shift to more traditional layouts with rooms that can be closed off to create individual areas or turning a multifunctional large space into smaller specific areas to relax, work, eat and socialise.


Rooms are now used for more than one purpose. The room that used to be just for dining is now also the epicentre for virtual learning or working. Desks and workspaces are being incorporated into bedroom design.


Simple versatile style


With these multiple purposes in mind, there is a need for versatile furniture and décor pieces that serve multiple functions. Our James Chair is simple yet stylish and designed to fit effortlessly in any setting and any style of interior.


 New Colour


A key trend to emerge from lockdown is the need for colourful yet calming shades, to make being at home for longer periods more enjoyable.


Cool calm neutrals


People are opting for calm earth colours to create a tranquil space at home. Softer fabrics, lighter colours and more natural light are increasingly popular to create a serene atmosphere amidst the uncertainty outside. 

At the other end of the spectrum, bold designs like dark accent walls and patterned wallpaper are also having a moment. Bright colours can also be energizing and inspire creativity, which helps people who are stuck in the same routine.  

What better way to add a pop of bold colour than with our Marco chair in the jewel tones of Colefax & Fowler Keats Gold and red.

Marco chair in the jewel tones of Colefax & Fowler Keats Gold and red.


Buying Quality


As people spend more time in their homes, they are investing in higher-quality pieces that can withstand heavy use and last for years.

With this comes a renaissance in traditionally crafted furniture and furnishings with a growing emphasis on artisanal furnishings that will last. People now want products that will stand the test of time, seeking beautifully crafted furniture and furnishings that are made from natural materials and built using traditional methods.

Beautifully Crafted

Our award-winning Darwin Armchair puts a stylish twist on the quintessential Modern Windsor Chairs. Beautifully handcrafted in solid English Ash, our Darwin has the added luxury and comfort of a naturally soft upholstered seat. The Darwin is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary style making it a perfect fit in any setting from bedroom to home office and everywhere in between.