The Not So Humble Counter Stool

Turner Counter stool upholstered in ticking stripe

Call it what you will, a bar stool, a counter stool, a breakfast bar stool...the loyal and dependable stool has been part of our interior design culture for a very long time. Making a comfortable home for millions of bottoms in bars across the world as well as families at breakfast bars and so much more. But this reliable stalwart of the home has often been ignored when it comes to style and design and we think this is a very sad state of affairs. 

More Than Just Comfort

While a counter stool needs to be comfortable we think it should be honoured with fabulous fabrics and a finish befitting something that is used so often and so central to the room. We think craftsmanship should be a big part of the design and creation of a bar stool so it looks great and lasts a lifetime too. 

Breakfast Bars, Kitchen Islands and More

A good stool can be used in so many places. Breakfast bars are a common home for this faithful seat but larger kitchen islands become a place to sit and chat over food and drink when comfortable stools are added in. For those lucky enough to have space for a dedicated home bar area or room the quality of bar stool makes the difference between somewhere that looks the part to somewhere guests and family really enjoy spending time. 

The Turner Stool

Turner Counter Stool

We thought a lot about bar stools and counter stools and as a result we created the luxurious Turner Stool. This classic stool has a contemporary touch with a naturally soft seat which is individually upholstered. It is covered in a choice of fabulous designer fabrics and it is created using local skilled craftsmen to make something that works perfectly and well as looking and feeling like a million dollars! The Turner stool is our homage to the iconic Kathleen Turner with it's long slim legs and This stool was designed by us from the bottom up and made from solid ash by traditional joiners in the heart of Kent where we are based.