Soothing Sophistication: Exploring the Allure of Muted Blue Kitchen Stools and Chairs

Soothing Sophistication: Exploring the Allure of Muted Blue Kitchen Stools and Chairs

When it comes to design trends, you’d be hard pushed to find a year where colour didn’t dominate, and in 2024, as it has been in recent years, muted colours have come into their own. The beauty of these more reserved palettes is that they can bring serenity into any room, and with plenty going on in our lives and in the wider world, we all need a little sanctuary within our homes. 

As bespoke luxury bar stool makers here at Gabriella James, we believe that kitchen and dining furniture is a beautifully subtle way to use your muted colour palette; muted blues included. 

What does muted mean when it comes to colour? 

When we refer to a muted colour palette, we’re talking about shades that have low saturation, and aren’t considered bright in any light. Dial down a bright colour volume and add a grey hue, and you’re looking at a muted colour. 

Why choose muted blues? 

Blue naturally conjures calm; clear skies and calm waves can often be all kinds of blue, and it’s that ‘bringing the outside in’ that makes it a popular choice in colour palettes. Muted blues, however, bring a depth to that calm, creating a serene atmosphere in which the business of our everyday lives can melt away. Blues work in any room too, from the kitchen and bathroom to bedrooms, lounges, and even offices. 

How can you incorporate muted blue into kitchen interior design?


Gone are the days of purely gloss white; done in the right way, colours can enhance the vibe of your kitchen, with muted blues no exception. It works particularly well on shaker style units, bringing opulence to the cosy cottage kitchen.  

Wall paint 

An easy way to inject colour into a room is the colour that you paint on the walls. Muted blue paint can bring an instant peace to the busy hub of your home; don’t forget to choose a hardwearing paint type, such as satin. 


Like paint, tiles can bring muted blues to your walls - or even the floor! 

Cookware and tableware 

From plates and mugs to Azure and Deep Teal Le Creuset cookware, muted blues can be subtly introduced to the kitchen through the things you use to cook and enjoy food with. 

Furniture and textiles 

Whilst rugs, placemats, blinds and curtains can all bring muted blues into your kitchen, we have, of course, got a particular soft spot for muted blue bar stools. The elegance that a bar stool introduces to the room is elevated by the addition of muted blue fabric and paints, and we’re seeing more and more calming colours like blue be chosen across our whole range of bar stools at Gabriella James. 

Our Oxford Bar Stool is a great example of how muted blue can work in your kitchen furniture. 

What muted blue fabric should you choose for your bar stools? 

With the kitchen often the heart of our homes, your bar stools and kitchen counter stools will likely be withstanding a lot of use. This means that the fabric used on their comfortable seat pads need to be hardwearing, as well as that beautiful blue that you’ve set your heart on. 

With a bespoke approach to bar stools that means you get the kitchen furniture you’ve always dreamed of here at Gabriella James, we are able to upholster bar stools with a range of fabrics. From the muted block colours of our natural linen and cotton mixes, so the funky but understated patterns –achieved by the likes of Kit Kemp and Jenny Morrison, there’s a fabric to suit every colour palette. 

Find beautiful blues for your kitchen at Gabriella James 

It’s our pleasure to help you bring the vision you have for your home to life, through colours, fabrics and furniture styles. With a range of carefully crafted collections, stunning fabrics, and finishing techniques that will ensure your seats last for decades, our kitchen bar stools can bring muted colours into your life with elegance, timelessness, and quality. 

Browse our collections to find the perfect luxury bar stools for your home, before deciding on the colours you’d like to see adorn them.