Our top 10 for 2020

To get the new decade off to a roaring start we have picked our Top 10 interior trends that we can’t wait to see more of in 2020.

Anything Goes!

It seems this will be the decade when being Off-trend will be On-trend! Individuality will become increasingly important. Unique, beautifully crafted pieces will be ever more popular as people look to create homes to reflect their personalities.

If you are looking to put a stamp on your individual style look no further than our Chloe Chair.  With her distinctive back and circular seat, Chloe will make a bold statement in any interior.

 Bring out the Navy

 Classic Blue is the 2020 Pantone colour of the year. It’s totally versatile and sophisticated. Better still it is the perfect contrast for interiors in both traditional and modern styles and creates a dramatic stately look.

Our Marco Chair, with its fluid lines and gentle curves combined with a generously proportioned seat for wrap around comfort, dramatically showcasing Classic Blue velvet.

 Fabulous Florals

Our love affair with florals continues unabated but takes a moodier turn in 2020. A darker colour palette with dramatic heritage blooms create an air of faded grandeur whilst bold dramatic blooms in striking colours are perfect for those wishing to make a statement.

The Darwin chair upholstered in Richard Quinn’s exuberant blue floral satin. This modern windsor chair is simple stunning in this fabric!

 Traditional Craftsmanship

Undoubtedly part of the eco-conscious zeitgeist and fuelled by social platforms such as Instagram, there is a renaissance in traditionally crafted furniture and furnishings. Beautifully crafted products created using traditional methods and natural materials. This artisan revival embraces everything from traditionally sprung mattresses and sofas to ceramic and hand carved dining chairs. Increasingly consumers are seeking a story and provenance behind the item they are purchasing.

 The Turner stool hand crafted in solid English ash with a naturally soft Victorian style button seat in Lacroix Manaos Perroquet.

 Sumptuous Velvet

Rich Plush velvets are certainly here to stay. Velvet is the perfect seductive blend of luxury and comfort – particularly when it is covering one of our naturally soft seats! It creates a look that’s full of character and charm. What’s more the new generation of velvets are not only in richly–coloured jewel tones from burnt orange and gold to vibrant blues and teal, they are hard-wearing and durable. Add that to their sumptuous feel and it’s a definite win win!

Our Marco chair going bold in the jewel tones of Colefax & Fowler Keats Gold and Red.

 A Classic with a Twist

Nothing beats injecting new life into a classic design with the addition of a modern accent or a contemporary twist. From Art Deco Lighting to Mid-Century Modern Cabinets and Retro-geometric rugs, the trend that dominated 2019 looks set to stay in 2020. There is also an increasing use of vintage detailing such as spooled legs and spindles from furnishings from the 1800s in contemporary furniture. It seems that what goes around comes around!

Our Darwin chair adds a stylish contemporary twist to the classic Windsor chair. Made in the traditional Windsor Chair way, the Darwin is a form of stick chair as opposed to a joined chair and feature traditionally steam-bent back sticks with a generously sculpted back for comfort.

 Animal Prints

 While animal print has been around in the interior design world for a while, the animal themed home décor trend is looking popular for 2020. It seems our favourite animal prints in fashion are set to be game changers in the home as well.

James our Shaker style Bar Stool in selected faux animal prints.

 Buy less but Buy Better

 Sustainably and authentically sourced materials will continue to influence. People will be buying fewer, but more high-quality pieces. This could mean that fast furniture and decor may be on their way out. As society gravitates towards more eco-friendly lifestyles, consumer have become more ecologically conscious and knowledgeable than ever before and there is now an ethical component to purchasing decisions.

All our raw frames are crafted from sustainably sourced kiln-dried wood, primarily English ash and Italian beech. All our seats only contain natural materials including hessian, calico, ginger coir stuffings and pure wool.

 Black & White

Although fashionably re-branded High Contrast Design for 2020, our love affair with Monochrome style will continue. Thanks to the popularity of F&B Railings and Downpipe, going Dark is now a thing and dark contrasting interiors have a huge following on Instagram and Pinterest. Throw in some Crittall-style black frames as room dividers, shower screens as well as doors and windows the graphic look taps the industrial trend that is still going strong.

The Chloe statement chair upholstered in Jon Burgerman Tizzy Peaks


The tropical look is one of those trends that never quite fades. For 2020 it will be a rich evocative combination of juicy hues set against deep inky tones rather than the Pina Colada colours of previous years.


The stylish Darwin chair upholstered in Matthew Williamson Tropicana from his Cubana Collection.