New Year, New Kitchen: The Top 3 Styles of Bar Stool For Your Renovation

New Year, New Kitchen: The Top 3 Styles of Bar Stool For Your Renovation

Bar stools are everything you need from furniture that plays a big part in the heart of your home; they’re elegant, functional, and they can be instrumental in the success of your colour palette. Bar stools are something of a love affair for us here at Gabriella James, and we strongly believe that it’s possible for a bar stool to look incredible and be extraordinarily comfortable too. 

If you’re looking to redesign your kitchen in 2024, you may well be considering a bar area at which you can eat, work, and chat to the chef! If this is the case, now’s an excellent time to be looking at bar stools for your renovation, and we’re happy to guide you towards the perfect ones for you. 

Why choose a bar stool for your kitchen? 

They can make a kitchen more sociable 

Teaming a bar stool with a breakfast bar or kitchen island can mean that even those not cooking can still spend time with the person who is. Whether this comes in handy for dinner parties, date night or kids’ homework time, it brings a whole new dimension to a room previously used for cooking only. 

Versatility of a workspace, and a dining space 

Bar stools mean that your kitchen counters or island can be transformed into whatever you need them to be, from an elegant dining solution, to somewhere to work that’s in close enough proximity to that coffee machine! 

They maximise floor space 

When you’re done with a bar stool, they can simply tuck under the counter - often completely, in the case of backless under-the-counter stools, so they’re not wasting space whilst not in use. 

What are the top bar stool styles?

Counter stools

These backless bar stools are the ultimate space saver, as well as being a comfy place to perch while dinner is cooking. Classic wood can pair with funky fabrics to make your counter stools cool and classy at the same time. 

Bar stool chairs 

These bar stools are a dining chair adaptation that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen. Featuring generously dropped backs and comfortable seat pads, a lack of a dining room won’t hold you back whilst entertaining. Square backs and seats are bang on trend right now, too. 

Compact bar stools 

If you don’t want your bar stools to overwhelm the look of your kitchen but you’d still like to feel supported whilst you’re sat down, a compact bar stool strikes the balance. Lower seat backs are the defining feature of a compact bar stool, fitting in easily with your interior. 

What fabric should you choose for your new bar stools?

The fabric you choose for your new bar stools will all depend on the kind of look you’re going for. If your current colour scheme is plain, some funky fabrics could bring some personality into the room in a subtle way, with seat pads that make you smile. However, if you’ve got quite a lot going on already, some plain, neutral colours and tones could be the way to go. 

When should you consider bespoke bar stools for a renovation?

Let’s put it this way - you don’t want to have a beautiful new kitchen with nowhere to sit! Once you know the height of your counters, and the colour scheme you’re going for, you can confidently begin to shop for bar stools. Bespoke bar stool makers like us here at Gabriella James can adjust bar stools to the height of your counter, so that your kitchen seating can be tailor made. 

Looking for special bar stools?

Far from a finishing touch, we believe bar stools to be an integral part of a kitchen renovation, with the power to complete a look, and provide somewhere comfortable to sit, work and dine for years to come. We’re proud to offer a variety of luxury bar stools here at Gabriella James, all of which can be customised with paints, stains, wax and fabric to create a bespoke look perfect for your kitchen renovation.