Common Bar Stool Questions

Bespoke James Bar Stools

Kitchen islands come in a range of shapes and sizes from the classic freestanding unit for additional seating and socialising to the practical breakfast bar as a place to eat in smaller kitchens. Choosing the perfect set of bar stools for your counter can be difficult, so we’ve answered the most common bar stool questions to make your life easier.

How Many Bar Stools Do I Need?

When shopping for your set of bar stools, think about the length of space available. Measure your kitchen island or bar before browsing so that you get an idea of what can fit. The average seat width is around 40cm, but for bar stools with arms, this can increase to 50cm.

It’s also important to consider the space around the bar stool when deciding how many to buy. Try to leave around 15cm of space in between each bar stool when placing them around your breakfast bar to allow for comfortable turning, eating and drinking.

What Is The Ideal Height For Bar Stools?

There are various heights of luxury bar stools out there, so make sure you pay attention to the height of your bar. Counter stools are the most common due to being super compact. With an average height of 58- 72cm, they are great for shorter kitchen islands. For higher breakfast bars that are above standard kitchen height, bar stool seats can be found taller at around 60-80cm to provide comfortable seating.

It's vital to give your legs some room whilst you’re sitting at the counter. The average height of an island is 90cm and you will need around 20cm for leg room between the seat and the counter. The height and thickness of the counter will vary, so it’s important to carefully measure your own before buying.

Is Upholstered The Way To Go?

Upholstered means that your bar stool is covered in fabric and padding to provide expertly crafted comfort like our bar stool seats. Although non-upholstered bar stools make for easier cleaning and maintenance, nothing beats the comfort and style of a lavishly finished upholstered bar stool. Our divine fabrics also create a softer look for your kitchen aesthetic and provide a homely and very fashionable feel.

Are Backs All That?

Whether you opt for a backless counter stool or a bar stool with a high or low back depends completely on your personal preference and the functionality of the stool. For those who work from home in a post-covid world, a backed bar stool is great for good lumbar support whilst sitting in the same place day in and day out. However, backed bar stools also take up more space and may not be ideal for smaller kitchen spaces.

Backless counter stools provide a space-saving option that can be easily tucked away under any countertop and make for perfect additional seating in kitchens where socialising is a common occasion. However, they may not be the best option when sitting for extended periods.