Brilliantly British - House of Hackney

We love British products, not least because it is great to support other British businesses. But there is something about the character of some British companies that we particularly adore and House of Hackney is certainly one of them. Quintessentially British, quirky and altogether brilliant, House of Hackney fabrics are the perfect partner for our chairs. 

Where it All Started 

House of Hackney was originally created in 2010 by married couple Frieda Gromley and Javvy M Royle. Right from the outset their plan was to create something totally British and to try and recreate the great print houses from the early to mid 20th Century. They felt the current trends of minimalism were not what was needed and they set about orchestrating a return to texture, colour and emotion. To create a world of sumptuous maximalism.

So Very British

Not only is House of Hackney committed to creating truly British products but they also manage to encapsulate much of what makes Britain different. Our sense of humour, our subtle love for the obscure and, while perhaps being considered reserved by many, our adoration of the irreverent and over the top. Frieda and Javvy celebrate heavy floral patterns, decadent finishes and materials and a return to colour and fabric with real British gumption. 

Our Chairs

We have taken great pleasure in using a range of different House of Hackney fabrics for various chairs. We have loved working with their faux animal prints, floral designs and wonderful velvets for boudoir chairs, dining chairs, bar stools and occasion chairs alike. 

If you would like to find out more about House of Hackney and how we use their products then click here or simply search "House of Hackney" in the search box and see all of our chairs and bar stools dressed in this perfectly British and simply divine range of fabrics. Our modern Windsor chair looks especially wonderful as you can see. 

The Darwin and The Elkin Upholstered in Florika luxury velvet