2018 Colour Trends

2018 Colour Trends

It is safe to say we love a healthy dose of colour here at Gabriella James but as you may have noticed we are certainly not alone. It seems there are a few colour trends popping up this year that we are very much in support of and also part of!

The Clash

No, not the rather fantastic punk band. We are talking about colour clashing. It sounds like a terrible idea but done well it can really make a positive impact in your home. According to the designer Ali Edwards we are going to be seeing a lot of clashing colours this year. Reds, greens as well as blacks are all "in" and making sure they don't match with everything around them is key!

A Touch of Decadence

It seems the trend of using bold colours to really bring a room up a notch or four is not going away. Adding a substantial splash of high quality colour was big last year and by all accounts is only going to get bigger in 2018. We adore colour and take great pains to make sure our paints are as luxurious as our fabrics. We feel this trend is bang on and perhaps a  natural follow on from the classic colour pop. 

Not Just Colour

While colour is something we spend a lot of time talking and thinking about we are also somewhat obsessed with fabric. One fabric we are really liking at the moment is velvet and it seems we are not alone in this either. Texture was big in 2017 and will be again in 2018. Using high quality fabrics to bring more feel to the home is not going away. We love using velvet right across our range from mid century modern dining chairs to boudoir chairs and more. 

If you would like to discuss any of these trends and how we can help you choose the right designer luxury chairs for your home get in touch today.